Enjoy and share PowerPoint slides through your video iPod


Enjoy and share PowerPoint slides through your video iPodAs Christmas Day is nearby, except planning for the Christmas decorations, we are also preparing gifts such as some beautiful photo slide show, E-cards, presentations for a happy Christmas celebration.Making the gifts by yourself is a wonderful thing which can show your greetings to your friends or family. And how can we do it? What tool should we use?PowerPoint is the first choice regarding this kind of jobs. It is powerful , and what is more important, it is very easy to use. We can create beautiful slides just by several steps. It is recommended that you use PowerPoint 2007, which is more easier to handle with clear navigations for all the actions and elements.Here is some Christmas slideshow samples made by PowerPoint from http://www.tommyswindow.com/slideshows_christmas.htm       The Essence of ChristmasGod Outdoes Himself!    These beautiful slides are all made by PowerPoint. You can make this kind of slides by yourself.And after you creat a compelling PowerPoint slide show, then come another question, how to share these beautiful slides with your friends and family? They may not have PowerPoint or even a computer to view your PowerPoint slide show. But I can bet they would probably have an iPod.How to play the PowerPoint slides on iPod?We know that we can play Video such as MP4 movie on iPod. So the question is how to convert your PowerPoint slides to MP4 video. Here I recommand a tool, Wondershare PPT to iPod, which can help us convert PowerPoint slides to mp4 video and play the video on video iPod.It will be amazing if you send the video to your friends or family through your iPod or iTunes. Just think about it, haha, is it a wonderful idea?To learn more about how to use Wondershare PPT to iPod, please follow the URL below.http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/powerpoint-to-ipod.html Directly download: http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com/download/powerpoint-to-ipod.html

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PowerPoint expert from http://www.ppt-to-dvd.com

Microsoft Office 365 Business Promo Code Can Get You Lots of Discounts

Get 1TB One drive storage and save $20 on annual commitment. Office 365 business including Outlook, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, MS Access and Publisher for PC only you can install on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets runs with windows, ipad or android and even phones also.

If you are a professional and need to update your software suites now and often, then you should definitely look for Office 365 business, newly launched by Microsoft, only for customers like you. The new version of the software includes familiar office tools, like you are used to, but with additional improvements in them. For example you can capture whatever you have thought using keyboards or touch screens or even pens, an easy to format Excel that can auto complete data and recognize your pattern of data insertion, or you can also put in content from PDF’s so that you can create some of the best looking Word docs and off course thus can design awesome marketing materials to impress your customers.

Collaboration becomes easier with MSOffice 365 Business because you can store all your important files and documents online and hence can share them with each person you want and without doubt, from anywhere. You can do it using OneNote and can also sync them with their up to date versions. If you think that all these features come with lots of money, you are absolutely right. The cost of Office 365 Business is undoubtedly costly but there is a way to minimize your costs. Microsoft has come up with their age old policy of announcing Office 365 Business Promo Code which can reduce the final price at a considerable rate. Thus money can never hinder you to use the best business software suite for your workplace at ease.

MS Office 365 Business now can be accessed on your PC, Phones and even in your tablets. Not only one, you can access it more than one such devices. You can use any Operating System starting from Windows, MAC or even others so that you can actually call it platform independent. There is a new app called Sway, you can create web based presentations, reports, trainings etc which are interactive and off course can engage more number of users at a time. You can also get mind blowing security features like SLA and five layers of security monitoring so that your data remains safest even if it is in clouds. You can also expect ace class privacy, and can administer your software without any IT expertise.

All you have to keep in mind is the time. It is mandatory for you to ensure that you grab the offers announced by Microsoft before anyone else, since these Microsoft Office 365 Business promo code offers don’t stay for long. The reason is not too hard to understand because the demand of such promo code is much higher than what the company designs for the customers. You can look for such promos at either the Microsoft retails stores which you can get at any of the big city and hence nearby your place, or you can also look for the same over internet. The latter might be easier since most of us are Google savvy today. There you would get lots of optionsScience Articles, from where you can choose and see which one gives you the maximum discounts when it comes to pay the price for such costly software.

Straightforward manual of converting PowerPoint to MOV


After read this question, I plan to write this down, for assisting people who wish to convert PowerPoint to MOV video. To convert PowerPoint to MOV, we need obtain help of a third-party software. As a result, first I’d choose to spend a couple of minutes to bring in the program. It’s referred to as PowerPoint to MOV converter. Using this type of software program, you can actually and even properly convert PowerPoint to MOV and several other video formats together with many cellular devices including apple iphone with all the initial animated graphics, photos as well as videos. I love it extremely a lot since you don’t have to care about the parameters (bite rate, video size, etc) since you may straight pick the output device. Now, let’s get down converting PowerPoint to MOV using this type of PowerPoint to MOV converter. Step 1: input the PowerPoint files to the software After set up the PowerPoint to MOV converter, get started it and even click on the add button to input the PowerPoint documents. Batch conversion is supplied here. Step 2: pick out outputGo down to the profile bar, pick out MOV from the common video tab as output format or even straight pick out a good output device. And then choose a folder as output folder in “output”. Step 3: customizeYou’re permitted to customise certain items including timing, slides, audio, music and even conversion. Press “customize” button, set the timing between each slides or even add watermark for your slides. Step 4: convert PowerPoint to MOVWhen all the settings have been performed, click on the big start icon to convert PowerPoint to MOV.

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Article Resource: http://jimmy6280.typepad.com/blog/2012/04/the-right-way-to-convert-powerpoint-to-mov.html

Online Powerpoint Presentations – Taking Education To Your Home

Since the time of its inception, the Microsoft PowerPoint has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. It has never been easier to make as well as present presentations in gatherings, parties or seminars. Added to this are the features like animation styles, images as well as the templates that the PowerPoint suites provide. One could use any design template, add pictures to it and assign animation to text to make the presentation look attractive. All these features, though very enticing and attractive, result in overheads on space and processing time for the computer. This is where one would realize that making online PowerPoint presentations would be much more cumbersome and time consuming than presenting it directly.

Though online PowerPoint presentations have their disadvantages, they are really helpful to people who don’t have any other option or people who don’t mind consuming bandwidth over it. Coming to the disadvantages that online PowerPoint presentations cause are numerous but can be solved easily. For example, the first problem is that while making an online presentation, both the parties should have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computers. The second problem is the sheer size of a well made presentation and the resources needed to download it and save it on the computer in turn. In case of broadband capacity bandwidth, it is easy to stream the files without delay but in case of dial up connections, the direct download of files becomes downright impossible.

Looking on the brighter side though, online PowerPoint presentations are a very powerful tool in the education industry. Teachers sitting in a corner of the world, equipped with an Internet connection and Microsoft PowerPoint can design presentations and teach students in another corner of the world, equipped with the same 2 things. This is the founding principle of all online educational courses, which enable students to pursue their education online.

While preparing an online PowerPoint presentation, one should try to keep the number of slides to a bare minimum, pack the slides with facts and add, if none, frugal extraneous information. Animation effects on text should optimally not be used for best performance and pictures should be scaled down to a size where they are visible and understandable and yet do not occupy a lot of space. For the purpose of narration to accompany the speech, Microsoft PowerPoint provides options to record speech over the slides, thus ensuring that the speech moves along with the text and no one is required to control the presentations. Read more at http://www.makingfinancialpresentations.com

Microsoft PowerPoint also provides various other plug-ins which enable the user to convert the .ppt (general PowerPoint file extension) to a .doc, .txt or a .html file (Document, Text and HTML extensions respectively). This helps in using only the textual outline of the presentation which requires much lesser space than a normal .ppt file. In the worst caseFree Articles, one could also take snapshots of their slides and use them instead to make the presentation.

While creating an online PowerPoint presentation one has to keep in mind that the end product is to be distributed over the internet and thus should be easily downloadable by anyone who wants to use it. Another thing to remember would be to provide only necessary and important information along with the slides. This not only ensures ease of use but also saves time and space.

The Usefulness of Free Cliparts; in What Way, and for What Goals!


You can mull over that, tailor made clipart assists its users to insert the pictures that may encompass your own snapshot, the snapshots of your colleagues, and even you can add your own voice either. This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for! It is interesting to note that, the presentation of training and amend management initiatives through using customized animated clip art is a smart way to add humor and levity to a business PowerPoint Presentation. This assists in taking the student’s attention into the grip of teacher in a best manner. You will see that your audience related to the characters, would surely appreciate the technology employed to add personalize audio. You can also add a face and add a voice, the images and messages remain relevant to your audience.To prepare these clipart pictures in the PowerPoint package as well as other applications like social media venues aren’t difficult. The ToonUps Toolbar makes the product so user friendly, thus you can prepare the clipart and PowerPoint presentations and message that you intend. It depends upon your expertise if you succeed to do this OK otherwise there is an alternative to hire a professional developer either.You have one more alternative, of employing ToonUps Co-Stars and YouStar to mark training and give Powerpoint presentation, a cartoon character that your target viewers can identify. The goal in this particular training was to introduce a new process that the company would use and make the employees comfortable with the change. The employees connected to the process and accepted the change, due largely in part by humorous clip art images and animations that conveyed the messages easily with fun, making the group so receptive.

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If you are fond of discovering more about free Cliparts to Download free Cliparts to Download in vector format and submit clipart online, check out this great collection of Free Cliparts: www.Cliparts101.com

Easy Get YouTube to My Apple Laptop computer


There are many ways for doing that, employing a site, the plug-in for ones Web browser, as well as download software programs.For starters, you’ll find countless video clip downloading it internet sites in case you google it, for instance keepvid. com and savevid. com. It will be very basic get Youtube . com video clip basic website. Duplicate and even stick goal video tutorial WEBSITE in, collection a folder on your computer regarding delivered electronically data. The website will certainly acquire your elected online video into your personal computer folder in a few minutes. The weak point can be that at times the actual website’s server can be slower.Yet another way can be to secure a online video getting plug-in for ones visitor. By way of example, Firefox provides countless add-ons in regard to acquire Youtube . com videos. Research them in Firefox add-ons page. One of several best 1 has to be very good selection. You are choosing Mac OS, We are unclear if you have a plug-in meant for Safari.The next approach may be to use a Youtube . com downloader using your pc. Some people might not exactly plan to have any not familiar with iphone app installed on the gadget. For people people today, you’ll be able to select the 1st selection. There are several totally free Youtube . com Downloader for Apple pc via the internet. You May google it, an decide on 1 to your inclination. I am employing Cost-Free YouTube Downloader for Mac for a while, it will be pretty simple to operate and even user-friendly. The actual spotlight is definitely the request features three ways to get Youtube . com video-click in get key on online video, duplicate and also paste WEBSITE along with drag WEBSITE straight away to software in order to down load. Beyond that, your practical application is capable of spreading get Youtube . com films and even active FLV as part of your hard drive with the Facebook and also Twitter. Help you make issues less complicated.

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Need to get people lovely video tutorials online on Ma? highly recommend you to download YouTube video together with Mac youtube downloader freeware.

Microsoft Certified Partners Extending the Microsoft Support Portfolio


Today, computer and Microsoft are supplement to each other. With a range of products starting from Windows, Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Mail, Windows Security Essentials to Windows Media Player and Xbox and Games, the latter has always strived to come better with each product and every version keeping customers’ interest in focus.To let customers enjoy the spectrum of products and do more, the brand has a background platform, i.e. Microsoft Support which is empowered by Microsoft Certified Technicians, who can provide support via e-mail or phone to install, update, upgrade configure and repair all enunciated programs and applications on any PC or laptop irrespective of make and model.A pool of knowledgebase is to steer you through eddies of computer problems. You may rely on the Microsoft Fix it, which is a ready to implement diagnostic and troubleshooting tool to fix issues with Microsoft programs. Microsoft has extended the support spectrum through broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations that are often termed as Microsoft Certified Partners which are usually independent companies holding a high degree of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and may demonstrate their proficiency in one or more Microsoft Competencies. The objective of this article is to focus on the issues with Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista. Reading ahead will show how you can diagnose and fix various program related issues on your own without calling on the Microsoft number.Missing drive: Say, you have inserted the USB drive or inserted a CD/DVD but when you navigated to the Windows Explorer, you could not locate it. Or the drive may disappear after a short time or when Windows resumes from Sleep or Hibernation. Probable reasons could be: Disk Management would be lacking the assigned drive letter, the drive would be disabled or offline, the USB driver may be corrupted or damaged registry keys may be causing issues with connecting to CD or DVD drive. To fix the problem open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to check common issues. Running Windows Registry repair or optimization tool can also halt the problem.Windows Update Error Code “0x80070005”: Actually, it’s an “Access Denied” error code and flashes when you are updating the Windows without sufficient permissions. It may also result if you have altered the permissions with specific files, folders or even registry keys. It’s possible that there may be Malware on your computer that can be causing the issue. You can evaluate the access level of specific users or groups of resources including files, directories, Registry keys, global objects and Windows services by running AccessChk (Sysinternals). You may also download and execute Microsoft Security Essentials to eradicate malware and unwanted software, and try the Windows Update.Internet Explorer Stops Working: If your browser is running rather slow or it stops responding, or webpage is flashing the error that indicates that Internet Explorer has “encountered a problem and needs to close” Or that a Visual C++ “runtime error” has occurred in Iexplore.exe. You can reset the Internet Explorer settings, disable add-ons and configure the Windows Firewall.  Resetting the browser settings will reset all user-defined settings including those set by installed extensions, toolbars and other add-ons to IE Defaults.

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The author is a technician at Techvedic Technologies, a firm that delivers end to end Microsoft Support to clients. Online computer repair, Microsoft Number, computer technical support, Microsoft Fix It is few services offered at this one platform along with many others.

Make your presentations pop with the use of 3D visualization

Are you tired of the same old boring PowerPoint presentations? To get ahead of the race in these days where the competition is at the peak, it is not enough to merely have your facts right. You will also need to have extra features

some additional embellishments that will make your presentation truly outstanding and can make your presentation fetch the attention of potential clients or can help you to gain extra marks for your school projects. If you are wondering on how you can ensure that your presentations really stand out, you should look for something called 3D presentations.

3D presentations are able to present your ideas in real time by presenting your ideas as models that are a representation of the original. Using 3D presentations can help you make your presentations more interesting for the audience and can allow your audience to select the path that they want to choose in the presentation and help them to ensure that they can take the course that interests them the most, thereby allowing you to harness their interest more effectively. The use of interactive presentations and 3D Visualization & 3D Presentation Software can help you to ensure that your audience or the client is able to have a say and is able to be connected to the entire process of the presentation that can help to pique his attention.

With the use of and 3D Visualization & 3D Presentation Software, you can also make sure that your ideas are shared appropriately and can be related amongst the members of your team if you are planning on doing a group presentation. These 3D presentations can also be accessed across multiple platforms like a mobile phone, through the use of 3d presentation software for mobile devices and can ensure that you can access your presentations anywhere and anytime. The presentations with the help of 3d presentation software for mobile devicescan be synced through the cloud and therefore can be accessed through several devices at the same time.

With the use of proper types of transitions, you can draw attention to particular points that you may be trying to emphasize. The use of 3D transitions in your slides can help you to ensure that you can make your slides incorporate some action and take advantage of the fact that most people are able to be attracted to moving objects rather than static ones. Moreover, 3D transitions for your slides can help to ensure that your slides are futuristic design. The 3D technology used for the making of these presentations are supported by websites that can run on almost all types of browsers available in the market through the use of a technology called HTML5 and can work across mobiles, tablets and browsers alike.

With easy features for slide transition editing and slide content editingFind Article, these websites offer the perfect way for you to bring that extra jazz to the simple realm of presentation making. These are the best way to ensure that you gain the attention of your clients and are able to gain extra marks for your presentations. Forget the same old PowerPoint presentations use of interactive 3D presentations to make your presentations the best in its class.

HTC trophy a complete business mobile

Most of the people who are running business are constantly hunting for some handsets that would suit their business requirements. The market is flooded with ample handsets but there are very few brands that are focusing towards the business requirements of the users.  The brand HTC is one such company that takes cares of the entire user necessities. The recent launch of HTC trophy is a great challenge to the other business mobiles.

 The v HTC trophy is one among those gadgets that is fully designed to assist the business necessities and is worth buying. The features and applications of this handset are setting up a new benchmarking experience for others.

Some of the world class business features of HTC trophy are:

What most of the business class users expect from their mobile is the ease of maintaining the contact list. This handset is allowing such people to store countless entries and one can even customize his or her contacts by storing some additional information like the email addressFeature Articles, residential and work contacts and so on.

 It has been observed the business class people needs a lot of conversation and especially by keeping in touch with mails and messages. So to ease the process of typing this handset is designed with the QWERTY type key pad and so it is very convenient to type mails. To assist and easy navigation the tack ball navigation is also present.

The other feature that most business phones are expected to have the connectivity features. The HTC trophy is among those models of business class that would never let the individual down due to connectivity errors. It has all sorts of applications.

The GPRS & EDGE technology is allowing an easy access to internet and one can stay connected and updated round the clock. To facilitate browsing on net the HTML and XHTML browser is adding a grace.To make calls free of cost and that too with a wireless connection is also possible as this has been equipped with the WLAN Wi-Fi feature. With this handset one can easily make calls to other Wi-Fi users free of cost.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration tools review

The idea of former Project Green was to create several Microsoft Suites: Financial, HR, Manufacturing, Supply Chain (SCM) on the base of its ERP products, where they would assumedly take the best core for each suite from one of MBS ERPs.  Microsoft Dynamics seems to emphasize interfaces unification and merge, so you should not be confused if all the sudden instead of GP database you will be switching to say Axapta database for SCM.  Obviously in the initial phase of Microsoft Dynamics each product: GP, NAV, AX, CRM, SL has its own integration methods and tools.  Let’s consider Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 integration tools in this small article

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