Most of the people who are running business are constantly hunting for some handsets that would suit their business requirements. The market is flooded with ample handsets but there are very few brands that are focusing towards the business requirements of the users.  The brand HTC is one such company that takes cares of the entire user necessities. The recent launch of HTC trophy is a great challenge to the other business mobiles.

 The v HTC trophy is one among those gadgets that is fully designed to assist the business necessities and is worth buying. The features and applications of this handset are setting up a new benchmarking experience for others.

Some of the world class business features of HTC trophy are:

What most of the business class users expect from their mobile is the ease of maintaining the contact list. This handset is allowing such people to store countless entries and one can even customize his or her contacts by storing some additional information like the email addressFeature Articles, residential and work contacts and so on.

 It has been observed the business class people needs a lot of conversation and especially by keeping in touch with mails and messages. So to ease the process of typing this handset is designed with the QWERTY type key pad and so it is very convenient to type mails. To assist and easy navigation the tack ball navigation is also present.

The other feature that most business phones are expected to have the connectivity features. The HTC trophy is among those models of business class that would never let the individual down due to connectivity errors. It has all sorts of applications.

The GPRS & EDGE technology is allowing an easy access to internet and one can stay connected and updated round the clock. To facilitate browsing on net the HTML and XHTML browser is adding a grace.To make calls free of cost and that too with a wireless connection is also possible as this has been equipped with the WLAN Wi-Fi feature. With this handset one can easily make calls to other Wi-Fi users free of cost.