Since the time of its inception, the Microsoft PowerPoint has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. It has never been easier to make as well as present presentations in gatherings, parties or seminars. Added to this are the features like animation styles, images as well as the templates that the PowerPoint suites provide. One could use any design template, add pictures to it and assign animation to text to make the presentation look attractive. All these features, though very enticing and attractive, result in overheads on space and processing time for the computer. This is where one would realize that making online PowerPoint presentations would be much more cumbersome and time consuming than presenting it directly.

Though online PowerPoint presentations have their disadvantages, they are really helpful to people who don’t have any other option or people who don’t mind consuming bandwidth over it. Coming to the disadvantages that online PowerPoint presentations cause are numerous but can be solved easily. For example, the first problem is that while making an online presentation, both the parties should have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computers. The second problem is the sheer size of a well made presentation and the resources needed to download it and save it on the computer in turn. In case of broadband capacity bandwidth, it is easy to stream the files without delay but in case of dial up connections, the direct download of files becomes downright impossible.

Looking on the brighter side though, online PowerPoint presentations are a very powerful tool in the education industry. Teachers sitting in a corner of the world, equipped with an Internet connection and Microsoft PowerPoint can design presentations and teach students in another corner of the world, equipped with the same 2 things. This is the founding principle of all online educational courses, which enable students to pursue their education online.

While preparing an online PowerPoint presentation, one should try to keep the number of slides to a bare minimum, pack the slides with facts and add, if none, frugal extraneous information. Animation effects on text should optimally not be used for best performance and pictures should be scaled down to a size where they are visible and understandable and yet do not occupy a lot of space. For the purpose of narration to accompany the speech, Microsoft PowerPoint provides options to record speech over the slides, thus ensuring that the speech moves along with the text and no one is required to control the presentations. Read more at

Microsoft PowerPoint also provides various other plug-ins which enable the user to convert the .ppt (general PowerPoint file extension) to a .doc, .txt or a .html file (Document, Text and HTML extensions respectively). This helps in using only the textual outline of the presentation which requires much lesser space than a normal .ppt file. In the worst caseFree Articles, one could also take snapshots of their slides and use them instead to make the presentation.

While creating an online PowerPoint presentation one has to keep in mind that the end product is to be distributed over the internet and thus should be easily downloadable by anyone who wants to use it. Another thing to remember would be to provide only necessary and important information along with the slides. This not only ensures ease of use but also saves time and space.