How To Design An Effective PowerPoint Sales Presentation

Are you and
your teams giving effective PowerPoint sales presentations? Or are you guilty
of putting audiences to sleep?


While sales
professionals have the best intentions, poor sales presentations often stems
from poor planning. It’s not that you are intentionally abusing your audience.
But habits, norms and standards could be contributing to unpersuasive
presentations—and equally dismal sales results.


If you even
have a hunch, inkling or a gut feeling that presentation planning could be
improved, you owe it to yourself to take action. Action starts with
investigating the current practices for designing sales presentations.


Here are a few
things to avoid in sales


• Poorly
structured stories

Killer stories
are well-structured stories. If you’re noticing a rampant barrage of stories
that don’t go anywhere, you have a clear problem. Your staff doesn’t understand
how to build a story from the ground up.


• Multiple

Sadly, many
PowerPoint presentations suffer from lack of clarity. You’ve seen it. Multiple
messages do not focus an audience. They just produce a fuzzy blur. People
aren’t sure what the point was.


• Bullet-point

everything in a vast ocean of bullet points is a recipe for distraction.
Audiences struggle to connect with the key concepts. But they get lost in the
endless onslaught of bullet points.


• Too much

presenters redirect their information into different types of data charts. From
pie charts to plotted lines…it can still overwhelm the audience without
revealing any insights.

• Random

Seeking to
balance all the bullet points, some professionals drop in photos, illustrations
or cartoons at random. This might provide some visual relief…but it misses the
point. Clip art is used by millions of presenters. Reusing illustrations that
the audience has seen already contributes to boring presentations.


• Graphic

A few
presenters err on the other side of the spectrum. Graphics rule. Tons of
charts, diagrams, photos, and examples for every single slide. This is
different…but not an improvement.


Visual abuse
throws the audience into a confusing swirl without telling a clear story.


What can you
do differently to avoid alienating your audience? Transform the conversation.
Use intelligent stories to structure your slides. Organize your message with
pictures and words—so everyone instantly sees the point.


It’s not the
fault of the software. It’s how we’re using it.


If you want to
give dramatic and effective presentations with PowerPoint, use these few


The Story

Use a clear
structure to organize your presentation story. Working with a presentation
storyboard is one of the fastest ways to go from ideas to finished story. Even
if you’re insanely busy and your presentation is in an hour, sketching out your
essential flow will help you present with clarity and confidence.


Shift To

Tell and show
your story. Make time for people to contribute ideas, share experiences and add
to the discussion. While many professionals are schooled in one-directional
presenting, expectations have changed.


audiences expect and demand interaction. If you’re used to presenting without
encouraging participation, questions and exchanges, it’s time to stretch. Add
interaction into the equation.


Add Variety

nothing quite so boring as everything looking the same. If you’re in an
organization that relies on PowerPoint presentations, stretch the envelope. Try
different layouts. Experiment with unique ways to show information.


If everyone is
using lists and bullet-points, take a different tack. Show your information
with photos, pictures and diagrams.


If you have
the opportunity, stretch even more. Insert a whiteboard conversation into the
mix. Show a prop or model to explain ideas. Add variety within your slides…and
within your entire choice of media.


Objective Feedback

Sometimes it’s
challenging to stand out when the norms and standards are deeply entrenched.
That’s when it’s smart to reach out and get objective feedback. Talk to a
presentation coach. Talk to colleagues in other fields.


Find out what
people are doing in other businesses, industries and organizations. The more
you see what’s going on, the more you’ll recognize opportunities.


Designing effective PowerPoint sales
helps you stand out. The more you discover how to give
exceptional presentations, the more you can expect to achieve phenomenal

Tips on how to watch PowerPoint on QuickTime as video file?


I advised him the only way will be to convert the PowerPoint to movie file in advance of he import it on the QuickTime Player. As a lot of people could have the similar query, I compose this paper down being a uncomplicated guide for folks who would like to convert PowerPoint to movie file for viewing on media players or mobile devices. Essentially, converting PowerPoint to movie generally is a uncomplicated and swift course of action when you use the ideal changing application. Right here, I will propose you a Impressive and qualified PowerPoint to movie converter which could convert PowerPoint to movie with all the original effects which include animations, video clips, music, etc. 1.Add the PowerPoint files on the program This PowerPoint to movie converter supports batch conversion. Consequently, soon after launched the PowerPoint to movie converter, click on add icon to input a number of PowerPoint files on the plan for changing. You may opt for a PowerPoint file and click the buttons beneath the view screen for previewing. 2.Choose profile and output folder Only click on the profile frame, and then you might see numerous preset video formats to suit your needs to choose from. Pick out MOV or other QuickTime compatible format since the output profile. And then, specify the area folder in Output. 3.Modify video parameters Click Settings and you may transform the codec, bit rate, frame rate, video size, aspect ratio and audio channel by yourself. You may then click on Save as button to save your settings like a new profile for potential use. The new profile might be listed in User Defined category.4.Customize the conversion click on Customize to customize the output file. The transition time between each slide really should be not much less than six seconds. Here you may include background music to the generated movie.5.Convert PowerPoint to movie for play-back on QuickTime Now, only return on the home panel and then click start icon to accomplish the conversion from PowerPoint to movie. And last but not least, import the newly converted video file to your QuickTime.

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How to install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack?

This new format has been added for Office’s three basic applications, i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot open a file with Office Open XML format. Simply install the Microsoft Compatibility pack and get the job done in seconds.

Since Microsoft has added the new Office Open XML formats to the earlier 2007 and 2010 Microsoft Office programs, users are facing issue in opening and then saving files with this format. 

The prime job of this compatibility pack is to allow a user open, edit and save the Office files using the file formats in newer versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The pack can be installed on a computer system that is running Microsoft Office XP programs, Microsoft Office 2000 programs and Microsoft Office 2003 programs, respectively.

Before you download and install the same for Office XP or 2003, make sure the installed version of Office as well as your Windows operating system is up to date. To check and update, follow these steps:

Once the update completes, follow the below mentioned steps:

After the complete installation of Microsoft Compatibility pack, you can open the files in the latest versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word and Excel. If you stuck somewhere between these processesBusiness Management Articles, contact Microsoft Office customer support team and get an instant solution.


Methods to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft Surface?


Should you have received a Windows Surface for Windows 8 Pro, it really is easy to watch PowerPoint files with its Microsoft Office Suite, but what in case you have got a Windows RT Surface? Your tablet needs to have Microsoft Office 2013 RT set up. But this application does’t has many of the functions and elements that desktop Office has. So right here we advise you to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft Surface MP4 for viewing.Converting PowerPoint to Surface with Leawo PowerPoint to Surface converter will hold all of your PowerPoint dynamic effects soon after conversion, which allows you to see PowerPoint file as on personal computer. The following submit will detail you methods to convert PowerPoint to Surface with Leawo PowerPoint to Surface converter.Get and install PowerPoint to Surface converter for Win.Information: Methods to convert PowerPoint to Surface?1.Load PowerPoint to PowerPoint to Surface ConverterLaunch PowerPoint to Surface converter, click Add to import PowerPoint files on the system for changing. You’re able to preview the PPT files by clicking on the buttons under the view screen. 2.set output Head to the drop-down box of Profile, and go for MPEG4 since the output format in Common Video. Or you can straight research MP4 while in the searching bar. And subsequent specify the location folder in Output. 3.Settings For advanced users, you’re able to click Settings button to additional adjust the video codec, audio codec, quality, bit rate, frame rate, video size (1366 x 768 pixels), etc during the popup Profile interface to fulfill your specific demands. Then you can save the modifications as a new profile for future use.4.Customize For customizing the slides, music, audios, timing and conversion, you’re able to click on the customize button. You’re able to set transition time between slides and also include watermark to the slides. 5.Convert PowerPoint to Surface In the end the above talked about have been completely executed, simply click Start button about the home interface to convert PowerPoint to Surface video.

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The Significance of the KPI PowerPoint Presentation


When you are an active player in the business industry, it would be inevitable to aim for your business to succeed, right? This is because the success of the company brings growth for the company itself, growth for each and every member of the company, and revenue for both the owner and the employees. Thus, there is a need to incorporate KPI or key performance indicators in any business. Key performance indicators are quantifiable aspects that act as gauges or meters that measure where the business is currently at towards the realization of its goals and objectives. In the business setting, if you are the manager or the proprietor, then the aspect of KPI would be quite easy to grasp. However, your employees just might not understand the concept in full. How then can your employees make use of these KPI if they do not understand them in the first place? Thus, it would be better to prepare a presentation of these KPI, to further discuss them. The best way to do this is through a KPI PowerPoint presentation.You might wonder to yourself, why use the PowerPoint application in particular? Why not just create leaflets and distribute these to your employees during your next meeting? Sure, you can do this if you want to stick with the conventional method. However, you have to understand the important of inciting responses from your employees. When you distribute leaflets about the importance of KPI and you just discuss them one by one, well, this does not really give a lot of room for interaction. Whereas when you prepare a PowerPoint presentation, you can actually do a lot of things here.Through the features that come with the PowerPoint application, you can insert graphics and animated objects, to make your presentation look a lot more interesting. You can use graphs and tables so that you can illustrate your data more clearly. You can still create graphs and tables and have them printed out on your leaflets. But what about animated objects? How can you incorporate these on paper? In this aspect alone, the PowerPoint application holds a lot more promise than the conventional and boring method presented by regular leaflets.Do not worry too much about the content of your presentation. What is important here is to include the basics on KPI. Discuss the very core of KPI so that your employees can understand why there is a need to implement them. For instance, you can discuss the fact that KPI usually come in four categories, namely Financial Perspective, Customer Perspective, Internal Perspective, and Learning and Growth. You have to understand that any business or organization would have so many aspects and factors that are constantly at play. Since these differ in terms of purpose, it would only make sense to group them into categories accordingly. The financial perspective, for instance, can contain KPI that focuses on budgetary constraints. Customer perspective can contain KPI focused on customer satisfaction. Internal perspective can place focus on the integral procedures that take place during the typical workday. And learning and growth can focus on methods through which the productivity of the company is fostered.All of these and more should be included in your KPI PowerPoint presentation. Not only would your employees become aware of these aspects existing in your organization, they would also understand the reason behind their existence.

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If you are interested in kpi
powerpoint, check this web-site to learn more about metric powerpoint.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization & integration tools review

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the new name for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM.  Other Microsoft ERP product were renamed as well: Microsoft Great Plains into Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Navision into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Axapta into Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Solomon into Microsoft Dynamics SL.  In this small article we are giving our retrospective review of Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization tools and options.

If you are software developer, database administrator or web designer who is asked: how do we customize Microsoft CRM – we are giving you directions in this article.

Happy implementingFree Reprint Articles, customizing and modifying! If you want us to do the job – give us a call 1-866-528-0577!

The Power and the Point of Powerpoint

Copyright (c) 2007 The College Of Public Speaking

MS Powerpoint is a mature product in a mature industry and yet still it is the most frequently misused application on the market.

Why is this?

Well, the mistake that most inexperienced users make is that they think that Powerpoint is the presentation itself – whereas the truth is that Powerpoint is simply a tool to visually assist the speaker’s key messages.

People spend hours creating scores of slides with large chunks of text in a small font size. Make sure that you’re using your voice to its maximum potential. Nobody wants to hear a monotonous drone. This is more a case of assisted reading rather than imparting key messages with impact.

Powerpoint is simply a tool to visually assist the speaker key messages.


The presenter must take centre stage and take control. Do not be a slave to the PC or the projector.

It’s vital to have a structure so that you can map out what is about to happen. This assists the audience enormously when you tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Keep it simple, one major point per slide. Ensure that each slide serves its purpose and pulls its weight. Can your audience read the slide?

Consistently use fonts and font sizes. Use non-serif fonts. No more than 2 per page. If your company has a logo or brand, ensure it appears in each page (master slide – usually bottom right hand corner).

Know your audience – who are they and what’s in it for them? Are you there to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate? Stick to your theme. We are all guilty of trying too hard to please. Sticking to the theme will help the audience enormously – confusing messages or themes makes the audience feel uncomfortable and you will see them shifting in their seats if they are confused.

Know your PC.

It’s important to know what make of PC you’ll be using. They differ from vendor to vendor. Email your presentation to the organisers and take a copy on a memory stick, just in case. Most modern laptops no longer use floppy disks. Find out in advance and always expect the unexpected.

It’s easy to make the mistake of talking to the screen and not to your audience. Don’t forget that your major concern is your audience. There is no need for a speaker if there is no audience. When you deliver a key message or even a key line, make sure that you’re looking directly at the audience and not at your notes. That will give that point added weight and greater impact.

These days, there’s no excuse not to have a remote mouse. Being free to move around the stage and address individual segments of the audience will make certain that you’ll look calm and professional. That, of course, is exactly what you want. Being invited to speak again is your reward for your hard workScience Articles, preparation and delivery.

Powerpoint Themes Make Things Easier


PowerPoint backgrounds cause your presentation become more active, and people take notice. Before PowerPoint’s were used, nearly all people when you are performing presentations either used blackboards, white boards or many bits of poster board, and did everything by hand. They made nearly all of the graphs and charts using a ruler and pencil and then would go back over with markers to demonstrate the variations in the chart. This caused bosses at corporations to pay the employees over time to get the presentations done. Much of the time the employee were forced to take the work home with them to make certain it was all set to go over time.Using a power point presentation companies is now able to have meetings in everyone of their offices by setting a place and time to meet online. This is known as a webinar. These presentations are generally bold and graphic and will grab peoples attention. Men and women that take notice are inclined to remember countless meetings have proven to always be more fortunate.PowerPoint backgrounds are used by many differing people. Not solely used by using big corporations, they may be also used by students, teachers, professors, seminar speakers plus more. They have already helped students using the reports they’re doing. They could help teachers and professors by the ability to explain the best way to do projects. They have also helped with the boring subjects by designing them more fun.Perhaps you have been in a seminar, and attempted to pay attention but thought it was rather dull and boring? Take into consideration how intriguing and lively it could have been if you could of listened and seen an enormous presentation at the same time. Power Points can grab and hold an audiences attention superior to a boring speech.There can be a wide selection of free PowerPoint backgrounds on the web. There are sites who have charts, graphs, trees, sports, holidays, birthday themes, military, food and drink and much more. For anyone who is a big department shop, you will know the economy has been down and the ones ordinarily are not spending money. By using a PowerPoint , you could potentially make your presentation much stronger and find the point across to employees and managers better. It will help to get your point across to them simply because can pay better attention as well as make them slip into the holiday spirit.A portion of the websites really have PowerPoint backgrounds which you can buy. Most computers presently have Microsoft installed and you will definitely find you might have your special program for PowerPoint’s right on your hard drive. This will save you cash and time within the long term.Power points are fantastic for anybody to use. They are usually beneficial to the housewife that is making a budget to present to her husband. It will even be good for the mom who does plan to make an organization chart for her home. Irrespective of why you might need a PowerPoint presentation, they allow you to be more understood.

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Many people are asked to give presentations for school or for a job and most of the time they turn to power point to do this because of its simplicity, such as However, to make a power point presentation really stand out and impress you need original powerpoint templates and powerpoint backgrounds.

Podcast your PowerPoint presentations

Podcast your PowerPoint presentations

You may have created a compelling PowerPoint presentation and want it to be viewed by your students before you giving the class. To accomplish this you may put the PowerPoint presentation file on your blog or website as a downloadable file and send the link to your students by email. This is a nice idea but what can you do if some of the students are not convenient to receive email when they are outside home or have no email address or even a computer?

Here we provide an innovative way to make your idea come true—Podcast your PowerPoint presentations

Podcasts are based on RSS technology. They are like having a magazine subscription. You subscribe to a magazine you want to read and whenever a new issue is printed it is delivered to your doorstep. Podcasts are the same because you can subscribe to a podcast and whenever a new episode is available it is automatically delivered to you.With the RSS technology, you can create Podcasts from PowerPoint presentations and let your students or friends subscribe to your RSS feed through their computer RSS tools, iTunes (for iPod, iPhone), Pocket PC or other portable devices.

Benefits of Podcasting your PowerPoint presentations:

An easy and convenient way for Learning and trainingVideo podcasts enable students and teachers to share information with anyone anytime. By creating Podcasts from PowerPoint presentation, If a student is absent, he can download the PowerPoint presentation course Podcasts to learn. It can be a tool for teachers or administrators to communicate curriculum, assignments and other information with parents and the community.

A quick and effective method to spread your PowerPoint presentations to the world Podcasts can spread the world by RSS feeds only by seconds.  So, podcasting is a great marketing strategy execution should be concerned by all business marketing professionals. If you are teaching online and want to sell your PowerPoint courses to people who need them, it is an effective method to convert them to video for Podcasting.

A way to share unique videos for entertainmentYou can share your unique video slides created by PowerPoint presentations by publishing your video podcasts to Podcast directory such as iTunes. Subscribers can download them and don’t need keyboard or mouse interfaces to choose channels and items, much similar to zapping through regular TV stations, and new episodes show up automatically, so the technology is ideal for on-the-go (portable media players and mobile phones) and living room mass media sharing.

How to create Podcasts from PowerPoint presentationsFirstly, we should know what kinds of video formats are most suitable for Podcasting. Select proper format according to your audiences.1. Use MP4 format if you want to publish your video podcast to let people download to their computer, Apple TV, iPod or iPhone etc.2. Convert your presentation to WMV or MOV video to let people watch it online or download and watch it on their local devices Secondly, we need a conversion tool to convert PowerPoint presentations to videos for Podcasting.

Wondershare PPT to Video is a tool which can convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV etc.

Just by 3 clicks simplicity, 1. Import your PowerPoint presentation 2. Select output formats such as MP4, MOV or WMV. 3. Click “Start”Publish your PodcastUpload your video Podcast To publish your video Podcast, you should upload the video file to your web server first.You can also upload your Podcast to sites provide podcast host such as

Then you should create an XML feed for your video Podcast.If you don’t know how to create an XML feed, please see this tutorial:

Listing Podcasts with iTunes1. Open up iTunes.2. Click on “ Music Store”3. Click on “Podcasts”4. On the left-hand menu, click “Submit a Podcast” or click “ Publish a Podcast” at the center of the page.5. Enter your RSS data feed and click “Continue”

If you have any questions in using Wondershare PPT to Video to create PodcastsFeature Articles, feel free to contact us