You can mull over that, tailor made clipart assists its users to insert the pictures that may encompass your own snapshot, the snapshots of your colleagues, and even you can add your own voice either. This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for! It is interesting to note that, the presentation of training and amend management initiatives through using customized animated clip art is a smart way to add humor and levity to a business PowerPoint Presentation. This assists in taking the student’s attention into the grip of teacher in a best manner. You will see that your audience related to the characters, would surely appreciate the technology employed to add personalize audio. You can also add a face and add a voice, the images and messages remain relevant to your audience.To prepare these clipart pictures in the PowerPoint package as well as other applications like social media venues aren’t difficult. The ToonUps Toolbar makes the product so user friendly, thus you can prepare the clipart and PowerPoint presentations and message that you intend. It depends upon your expertise if you succeed to do this OK otherwise there is an alternative to hire a professional developer either.You have one more alternative, of employing ToonUps Co-Stars and YouStar to mark training and give Powerpoint presentation, a cartoon character that your target viewers can identify. The goal in this particular training was to introduce a new process that the company would use and make the employees comfortable with the change. The employees connected to the process and accepted the change, due largely in part by humorous clip art images and animations that conveyed the messages easily with fun, making the group so receptive.

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